LES ORDINAIRES brings to life both the grandeur and intimacy of quintessential 18th century chamber music. A Baroque trio of critically acclaimed early music specialists, Les Ordinaires weaves the intimate expressive timbres of the traverso, viola da gamba, and theorbo into a conversational whole. Inspired by the original French masters of their instruments, Hotteterre, Forqueray, and de Visée, Les Ordinaires delights in finding the depths of human emotion couched within the formal and mannered style of the French Baroque period and seeking out its resonance in Germany.

Les Ordinaires' mission is to cultivate awareness and experiences of Baroque chamber music in Indiana and the surrounding region through performances, informances and educational outreach, with a focus on the intimate qualities of Baroque repertoire.


Les Ordinaires first CD, Inner Chambers - Royal Court Music of Louis XIV,  features music that explores the depths of human emotion couched within the formal and mannered style of the French Baroque period. Life at court was filled with strict hierarchies and social structures, lavish display of ornaments and affluence, love of allegory, and an affected nostalgia for the pastoral life and antiquity. At the same time, art sought to express human emotion in all its many shades and subtleties.  All of these qualities merge in the music that Louis XIV enjoyed in the evenings in his inner chambers.


There were many fine musicians who played for the king's private enjoyment, known as les ordinaires du Roi, but it was the softly expressive combination of the traverso, viola da gamba and theorbo, called the Royal Trio, that accompanied the king's retirement to bed.   Although there are many written accounts from the diaries of courtiers describing these evenings, few recordings exist that try to capture the intimate spirit of these royal trio concerts. Repertoire on this CD includes pieces by Hotteterre, Couperin, Montéclair, Marais and Lully.

Inner Chambers debut album  released on Naxos Records

Indiana Arts Commission Grant

Les Ordinaires is thrilled to receive an Indiana Arts Commission 2017 Arts Project ! The funded project, Alchymy Viols, in collaboration with Les Ordinaires and Bloomington Early Music, presents American at Versailles, a ballet masque of French baroque music, dance and drama written and choreographed by Sarah Edgar, director of Chicago's Haymarket Opera.  An American on the Grand Tour encounters the exotic world of French baroque manners, dress, dance and love, guided for good and for bad by the countess, soprano Carrie Henneman-Shaw who sings Monteclair's Pan and Syrinx, the mythological story of a woman forced to change.
American at Versailles is a gift to the Central Indiana community from the Allen Whitehill Clowes Foundation, Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, Indiana Arts Commission, Bloomington Early Music and individual donors.
Two free performances: Bloomington, Saturday, Feb 3, First Presbyterian, 7:30pm and  Indianapolis,  Sunday, Feb 4, Cook Theater Indiana Landmarks, 4pm


This grant is made possible through the support of The Indiana General Assembly, Indiana Arts Trust, and the National Endowment for the Arts.


A French Christmas in Indiana Historic Sites

This program was made possible with the support of Indiana Arts Commission and National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites.

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December 9, 2018
2pm Lanier Mansion
7pm Culbertson Mansion